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School of Engineering Science & Technology

Prof MainaENGINEERING and Technology has evolved with mankinds zeal to acquire and apply knowledge to improve peoples lives. At the School of Engineering Science and Technology, we sharpen your mind to innovatively improve existing processes and systems as a means to findingsuitable solutions to problems. The school derives its strength in the diversity of programmes,faculty members and students. The school pools expertise in one roof on which students learn multidisciplinary approach to advanced problem solving skills. These and other factors have made the school a centre of innovation.
Innovation is one way to make the world a better place and even the smallest of innovations is significant enough to improve the life in many ways. Our business is to train the innovators and we invite you to the exciting World of the real Science, Engineering and Technology.
The School has consistently produced innovative and adaptive Engineering Technology graduates at all levels with appropriate technological skills usable to turn concepts into useful products in


Departments in the School of Engineering Science & Technology