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Student Welfare and Support Services

Caring for the students' well being and success is the aim of the Office of the Director of Student Welfare and Support Services. Right from the time of arrival a student is welcomed with a process of induction into various aspects of the University College life. This begins with registration after which those in need of accommodation are appropriately helped. There are limited facilities in both the Men‚'s and Women‚'s Hostels. General Catering Services are also provided but only in the Main Campus.
What follows next is a broad orientation of the University College's rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct and behaviour of students'. Co-curricular, spiritual, as well as general guidance and counseling programmes are well provided.
A critical objective of the above endeavours is to inculcate a culture of care to society and responsible dialogue with stakeholders. Ultimately, there will be an added value element and the enhancement of the Kenya Polytechnic University College public image. Besides the Director Students Welfare and Support Services there are two other key officers within the directorate. The Dean of Students is responsible for students‚' social welfare, students‚' development programmes, students‚' organizations and the Chaplaincy
services. The other is the Chief Sports Officer who is responsible for sports and games and excursions and research.
The University College has developed a comprehensive range of support services and resources for the benefit of students. They are described as below:
The University has 2 hostels providing accommodation for male and female students. In Nairobi, there is a growing number of hostels in the city which are privately owned; the combination of University and private hostels means that most first year students are successful in obtaining a place in this type of accommodation.
Confidential counselling is available if you are distressed or confused about any aspect of your life. Counsellors are based in the counselling centre and also offer a regular service at other main sites across the University.
The College Careers Service is available to students to provide assistance and information on careers, employment opportunities, further studies and training. The career service also works closely with academic departments in helping students to acquire the necessary skills and experience for their future professional lives.
The Chaplains are appointed by the College from the respective Churches to serve all members of the University, whatever their convictions of beliefs. They undertake a range of activities with students individually and in groups and work in co-operation with the other student services.
Sport & Recreation
There are extensive opportunities for sport and recreation, supported by a team of staff who provide activities to suit all ability levels at the University's sports centres. Tournaments and leagues take place throughout the year. There are outdoors sports facilities for football, basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, athletics etc. The focus is on sport for both recreation and excellence.
Students‚' Union
The Students‚' Union is a democratic organisation run by students for students and it is through their involvement that we can provide new and exciting services. Each year a committee of students is elected by the students, to run the Union.
The University awards a number of partial tuition fee scholarships for needy students.