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Message From The Deputy Principal - Partnerships, Networks and Linkages
Dp.Networks-Partnerships-and-LinkagesThe office of Networks Partnerships and Linkages (NPL), is one of the pillars of Kenya Polytechnic University College (KPUC), to achieve its purpose to offer education and training for the real world. It provides a platform by which the University College may engage with like-minded institutions, for the provision of relevant programs and continuing education, through science and technology.
As a new leading dual sector institution  affording educational programs from certificate to under and postgraduate degree levels  the opportunity to add value and have an impact on both industry and communities at large through the University College educational programs, is tremendous.
The student-centred, hands-on programs, require a stage where by they can gain real life experience beyond theoretical knowledge and skills taught in the "classroom". To achieve this objective NPL is committed to engage with strategic partners for a number of key activities within KPUC. For example collaboration is required;
  1. To enable Industrial Based Learning modules, which are sewn within every program in the University College. These modules add up-to-date knowledge and competence to any, craft, trade or degree that a student undertakes. The modules are a platform of experience which no classroom, workshop or studio can impart.
  2. Research and its process, plus the conversion and production of innovative ideas need to be protected. Therefore, intellectual property is of major concern of this office. In addition, NPL acknowledges the importance of Public Private Partnerships and any other forms of collaboration as an important means for development consistent with Vision 2030.
  3. Networking between colleges, schools and departments within KPUC, and Community outreach adopting methods for various sectors of society linked to technical centres around the country, is both a moral and an ethical responsibility of this academic institution.

Today in this ever-changing and dynamic world of global transformation, trans-materialism, sustainable development, and rapid change in science and technology, the learning landscape has no choice put to also vary and bestow freedom for creativity, and a place that brings out the best in everybody. In tackling this inevitability, and acknowledging its responsibility and duty NPL, envisions the learning experience as being beyond the classroom, and namely an interactive engagement with "community"- making the world one's oyster.

One notion this office holds is that, good, vibrant, ideas are always fundable and if they can translate into being applicable and having a positive sustainable, impact on society, then they deserve to be appreciated, supported, and shared.

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