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Message From The Deputy Principal, Research,Innovation and Enterprise
Dp.Research,Innovation-and-EnterpriseThe division of Research, Innovation Enterprise forms the core of KPUC's Vision and mission. Globally universities are differentiated and rated according to their research, innovation and intellectual enterprise development. Our research agenda will adopt industry-focus and market-driven approaches to ensure that the research outputs are relevant to industry needs. We will strive to have balanced approach of technology and market orientation. This will be achieved through creation of collaborative research teams focusing on national economic goals.Managing and investing in new ideas from science and technology; industry and marketplace isour core business. As a technological university we endeavour to create a culture that rewards innovators and entrepreneurs, and to promote the generation, protection and utilization of intellectual property assets.
The concept of technological university is profoundly simple - educate and train for the real world. Our education and training are purposely designed to be innovative, realistic and productive. The aim of our research in a technological university is to transform scientific ideas, inventions and discoveries into commercial ideas that can be transformed into marketable processes products and services. To this end our goal is to ensure that we put in place technology transfer mechanisms that will facilitate rapid adoption and diffusion of the research products and services.
Conceptually we teach our students to transform mass intelligence" into "commercial intelligence" also known as productive intelligence. Our goal as an institution of higher learning is to educate and train our students to become job creators, not job seekers. During their stay at the institution we empower them through practical training and industrial attachment to develop the practical confidence and business acumen to start their own enterprises.
As a technological university we consider ourselves experts of practical education and training for the real world. Our competitive advantage in educational and skills development value chain is that as an institution we offer practical education and training in specialized areas in resonance to the demands from industry and the market place. We insist that our education and training must add value to the intellectual well-being in the work- place and resourcefulness to the society.
Kenya polytechnic is destined to play a pivotal role in the industrialization and economic development of Kenya. That is why Kenya Polytechnic University College forms a strategic development partner in attaining our national goals for Vision 2030 development initiative. It is our fundamental desire that our graduates will take responsibility to lead and stimulate innovative thinking across industries, make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena and solve important societal problems which will generate competitive marketable solutions in the East and Central Africa and beyond.
Prof. Michael O. Kachieng'a
Deputy Principal, Research,Innovation and Enterprise