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School of Health Sciences and Technology
Head-of-School-health-schTHE School of Health Sciences and Technology programmes cover a range of health sector service delivery academic programmes. The relevant curricula and materials for pre-professional students and practicing health care providers have been developed with specific criteria for each academic program. The professional programmes are accredited by the relevant national oversight agency and are based on national approved curricula. The admission criteria for each program includes requirements beyond those for general college admission. These include Diploma and undergraduate Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Laboratory Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmaceutical Technology and Community and Public Health Programs. Completion of professional program core requirements and graduating with a Diploma qualifies students to take the relevant national certification examinations. The Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Technology and Pharmaceutical Technology require professional certification in order for the graduates to practice.
Postgraduate programs in the School of Health Sciences and Technology are expected to offer a multi disciplinary training approach in specific health service  disciplines, research methodology and practical skills in a the allied health sciences. The programmes are uniquely designed to provide core allied health disciplines coupled with management knowledge and skills in technology and innovation applicable in the ever evolving disciplines in health service in both the private and public sectors. Students enrolled in the School of Health Sciences and Technology undergo industry based learning programs. The professional programs incorporate field healthcare service experience in facilities throughout the country coupled with classroom instruction. The graduates will have the knowledge and skills required to compete in the job market, and, a broad opportunity to establish careers in many areas of interest in the public and private industry sectors. These graduates are well prepared to pursue graduate level education to enhance their career options.
The School of Health Sciences and Technology currently has 15 professional faculty members who are involved in teaching and mentorship. The staff are equipped to provide knowledge based education which addresses national and international concepts of health care policy development and service delivery. The faculty and staff of the School of Health Sciences and Technology engage in multidisciplinary research directed toward new and applied knowledge.
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