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The School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Arch. Prof. Alfred Omenya (B.Arch, M.Arch, PhD, MAAK, Reg. Arch) - Associate Professor and Head of SchoolThe School of Architecture and the Built Environment (SABE), was established in December 2008 to offer cutting edge professional and academic training in line with the College’s motto of  ‘Education and Training for the Real World’. The school’s mission is: “to be a centre of excellence in learning, creativity and enterprise, promoting economics, social and cultural well being in the built environment”. Dealing mainly with concrete issues, SABE is the space where imagination of future urban and rural places is being constructed and concretized. It is the space where future professionals working on infrastructure, development and the environment are being prepared.

The school is home to some 2 000 students in six departments, which offer professional degrees,  degrees of technology, diplomas and certificates, making it one of the biggest built environment schools in Kenya. Led by top intellectuals and professionals, the school runs ‘professional plus programmes’ that focus on building individuals with intellectual (knowledge); professional (discretionary) and technical (application) competencies. Further, students go through annual industry based learning; making them hands on professionals.

The School is headed by Associate Dean, Arch. Prof. Alfred Omenya (PhD) and Assistant Dean Joseph Mbugua.

Departments and Programmes
The school’s six Academic Departments run innovative curricula that carefully marry Kenyan and African relevance with global realities; to produce professionals who have unique competencies in  harnessing local opportunities and dealing with local challenges; while simultaneously being competitive globally. The school offers a wide variety of degrees and Diplomas as reflected below:


Departments in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment