Dept. of Community and Public Health

Department of Community and Public Health

Many experts agree that major advances in improvement of health over the next decades will not come from new medical findings or cures, but rather the broader development and application of population-based prevention programs. Health services delivery systems are undergoing rapid change. Greater emphasis is being placed on health promotion and disease prevention as a means to reduce the costs of care by improving the health of our populations. These changes have created a broad array of new opportunities for professionals with advanced training in community and public health.
Career prospects: It is expected that those who have studied and graduated in the areas of Community and Public Health, will find exciting opportunities in both public and private sectors in local health departments. The jobs available at health departments range from health Inspectors to Health Educators. Other community and public health professionals will find work in university systems as researchers. Those interested in working for a non-profit organization can find jobs in health advocacy, policy, or research for organizations such as the Red Cross, or a local non-profit that focuses on specific health issues.
Course Offered
Diploma in Technology: Community and Public Health