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Dept. of Health and Hospital Services Management

The Department f Health and Hospital Services Management

The department offers the trainees a product mix of Health Sciences, Management Technology and Information and Communication Technology whose output is producing an innovative Human Resource capable of providing high quality service that addresses underlying needs and meets customer’s expectations. Our training approach is hands-on, meant to narrow the gap between the mangers on one hand and customers on the other hand, with a view to making the managers interact with the customers, service providers and other stakeholders to ensure the provision of efficient, accessible and quality health services

Career prospects: It is expected that those who have studied and graduated in the areas of health & hospital services management will find exciting opportunities in hospital and healthcare institutions as management technologists and technicians or in insurance and research industry.

Courses Offered

  • Diploma in Technology: Health Records & Information Technology
  • Certificate in Health Records & Information Technolog


  • Seminars & Workshops


  • Bachelor of Technology: Health and Hospital Services Management
  • Bachelor of Technology: Health Information Technology