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Dept. of Nutrition and Dietetics

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics offers excellent training to Nutritionists, Dieticians and Dietetic technicians. Nutritionists, Dieticians and dietetic technicians use science to promote healthy eating habits for both preventive and curative management of nutritional disorders. Diet therapy, nutritional research, counseling and education are all within the realm of the nutrition and dietetic profession.

Career prospects: Nutritionists and Dieticians specialize in five main areas; Clinical Nutritionists and dieticians are involved in the planning and supervision of meals prepared and serviced to patients to confer with physicians and other medical professionals about each patient’s nutritional needs and preferences. Management Nutritionists and dieticians plan coordinate and supervise the planning, purchase and preparation of food for institutions at hospitals, health centres and schools. Research Nutritionists and dieticians study nutrition, food science and research on alternative foods among others. Community Nutritionists and dieticians work in government Health centres to provide advice to the community on basic rules of nutrition and improve eating behaviour. Consultant Nutritionists and dieticians counsel patients and perform nutritional screening and assessments on their own patients or those referred by physician. We train Nutritionists, Dieticians and Dietetic technicians capable of working at skilled nursing facilities, Schools, Hospitals and medical centres, Public health agencies, Research Pharmacies and Chemists.

Courses Offered

  • Diploma in Technology in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Bachelor of Technology (Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetic