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School of Mathematics and Statistics
PROF.-Francis-GatheriMathematics is an academic discipline and a body of knowledge that involves the study of concepts such as quantity, structure, space and change. It is an essential tool in many fields including natural science, engineering, Medicine and Social Science such as Economics and Commerce. The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers programmes in mathematics and Statistics and comprises of four Departments: The School trains students in the fields of Mathematics and Statistics with a view to applying the knowledge gained to various fields in a practicable way. Major fields of mathematics includes Pure mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Specialized disciplines taught within the departments include actuarial science, applied statistics, applied information economics, biostatistics, business statistics, quantitative methods, data analysis, data mining, demography, econometrics, statistical modelling, structured data analysis (statistics) and survival analysis.
Our Vision:
To be the centre of excellence in teaching mathematics for technological development.


Our Mission statement:

To provide mathematical skills and create positive attitudes that cultivate a culture of research and professionalism to satisfy industrial and technological demands both nationally and internationally.

Our Mandate:
To provide an opportunity to many students who wish to pursue different areas of mathematics by increasing their level of competence and preparing them adequately to enable them join the job market.

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