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Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology Transfer

Dr. Jane G. Mputhia - DirectorCentre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology Transfer - CEITT is a key unit in KPUC, with the mandate of teaching Entrepreneurship Development to all the students of the University College. Entrepreneurship Education is very important to any nation in the world and Kenya has underscored this in the National Development goals and plans. Like many countries, Kenya has the challenge of providing employment, especially for the many youth who graduate each year university with big dreams of earning a living. With the job market shrinking globally, a new strategy is to create jobs by exploring all opportunities available.
Creating jobs, or turning job seekers to job creators is not the only objective of teaching Entrepreneurship.Wealth creation, economic and social developments are part of global development goals that each nation tries to achieve. Kenya is laying a lot of emphasis on this through promotion and development of Entrepreneurship Education in all sectors of the economy.
CEITT is making an important contribution towards the national strategy on economic growth as outlined in the Vision 2030. Entrepreneurial skills empower our graduates to identify competitive and viable business ideas and opportunities. Armed with creative and innovative ideas, a reasonable number of our graduates have been able to start and manage very profitable business enterprises. Entrepreneurial skills have also made our graduates very attractive to the job market in all sectors of the economy. Intrapreneurs are as important as entrepreneurship. They bring innovative but viable ideas that drive their employer's businesses to high heights of profitability and wealth creation. The entrepreneurial skills imparted to students of KPUC are useful to those who want to start and operate their own businesses, while still in school. Many students are running profitable businesses, and others are equipped and prepared for future ventures.
In partnership with Ministry of Youth, we have and continue to expose our students to techniques of benefiting from the Youth Enterprise Fund. Business planning skills have enabled quite a number to access the fund through the Microfinance Institutes across the country.


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