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Department of Computer Science and Technology

The department will be involved in the teaching and training of undergraduate students in the areas of design, research and development of digital electronic systems, computer architecture, and control programs in the electronic data processing applications.

Career Prospects: our computer technology graduates are expected to find opportunities in fields of software development , engineering and maintenance, computer hardware engineering, repair and maintenance, Network engineering, design and maintenance, technical support, Data clerks, computer librarians, Training in technical institute which are available in software industries, financial institutions for instance banks, SACCO, microfinance institutions, Insurance sectors, telecommunication firms, education sectors, government ministries and parastatals, health and hospital sectors, manufacturing industries systems, airways systems, entertainments industries systems transport industry systems, NGOs, media broadcasting houses, Publications sectors, Computer assembly industries, business retail systems.

Courses offered

  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Technology
  • Diploma Technology in Computer Technology
  • Diploma Technology in Computer Engineering
  • Advanced Certificate in Computer Technology
  • Advanced Certificate in Computer Hardware & Network Support
  • Advanced Certificate in Software Development
  • Certificate in Computer Engineering
  • Certificate in Computer Technology