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Dean of Students

Rev Fr Dr Ndikaru Wa Teresia.Dean of Students office creates a culture of care for students and staff by providing exemplary programmes and services designed to enhance students' academic and personal success. The office provides information, advice and practical help to students on any non-academic problems or issues that might be affecting their studies. We encourage students to contact us if they have a problem, however trivial it may seem. It is our aim to help students succeed in their studies and the sooner problems are addressed the sooner they can concentrate fully on their studies and the more likely they are to achieve their full potential. The Dean's office has professionally trained staff to help them work through the unexpected problems that sometimes catch them by surprise. The University has various student welfare in existence to support its academic objectives.

The Vision, Mission and the Mandate for the Dean of Students Office

  • To cultivate, improve and sustain the development of the mind, body and personality of students to enable them position KPUC as a top rated University of Technology.


  • To create a caring environment for students, their families, faculties and staff by planning and providing services to improve students' academic and personal welfare to improve their innovations


  • A friend to the student by promoting a culture of support and advocacy for realization of training for the real world


  • To uphold a cordial working and personal relationship among members of the KPUC based on truth, mutual respect, trust, and cooperation that will facilitate molding of experts acceptable to the industry

Dean of Students