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Centre for Creative & Cultural Industries

The Kenya Polytechnic University College, in recognition of the role that culture and the creative arts play in the national economy, established a Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCCI) as part of its efforts to link scholarship and training to the needs of the industry and skill development. The move is timely, in a country grappling with the onerous task of job creation, engagement of the youth through training and skill development for self-reliance and marketability, and the attainment of Vision 2030, the country's blue print for economic development. In realising that national development does not occur through a fraction of the population, CCCI recognises the role that arts and culture practitioners can and ought to play in shaping the economy. The centre is crucial to the realisation of the University College's motto of training for the real world and mission to provide quality and innovative technical education and training.

Creative and cultural industries emanate from the proven capacity of the arts and artistic endeavours to generate income. Creative and cultural economies are recognised worldwide as providers of employment and sustained economic activities. At KPUC, the centre is the University College's organ of enterprise and capacity development geared towards the creative community. The centre is at the core of endeavours to bring about growth in the industry through creativity, and sustainable innovation in the cultural sector. In so doing, the centre seeks to redefine the artist and artisan as entrepreneur and creativity and culture as entrepreneurship. Linking creativity and culture to economic power has never been as crucial as it is today. The trained and/or talented artist and artisan have traditionally sought a 'day job', reserving their creative powers to a side-activity, a frill for free time or for enjoyment.

The success of CCCI will institute a perceptual shift, so that people and government alike give this sector its due credit. CCCI is poised to bridge this and similar gaps by forging linkages with practitioners at grassroots levels, a strategy that should see the artisans empowered through improved skills, and the academy provided with researched information on the various cultural industries and activities. CCCI projects to provide an incubation hub for the University College's fresh graduates in the creative arts and technologies, giving them a taste of industry and the requisite mentorship for a year to enable them launch their careers. This provision will be over and above the industry based learning they will have experienced in the course of their studies, and its aims are to give them a cushioned entry into the job market.


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