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Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

Dr.-Benson-B.-GathituDepartmental E-Mail Address
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Physical Address
Room J13

Grand Departmental Objective:
To improve the quality of life of humanity by offering chemical engineering-based solutions to various challenges.


Specific Departmental Objectives and Methodologies:

  • Development of the manpower necessary for the design, construction and operation of safe and efficient chemical processing plants.  This objective is achieved via effective teaching and consequent learning of chemical engineering concepts.
  • Support and engagement in research on issues that are of relevance to contemporary chemical engineering.  This is achieved via student and staff research projects and in conjunction with external parties who have ideas that need the support of an academic institution-based chemical engineering department.
  • Support and engagement in enterprise of relevance to chemical engineering.  This is achieved via development of chemical production centres within the institution and, where possible, via collaborative agreements with external parties.

Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering (beginning in 2013).
  • Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering (beginning in 2013).
  • Diploma in Technology in Chemical Engineering (on-going).

 Entry Requirements:
Contact the department via the e-mail given above for specific details.