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  • All fully paid up members are legible to contest all posts [get statament from finance to attach with your nomination application]
  • All candidates intending to vie for any elective office should have successfully passed their exams in the academic term or semester immediately preceeding the elections [get clearance statment from chairman of your department to attach with your nomination application]
  • College Card/National ID/Police Abstract/admission letter
  • Have no discipline case in University College or Police case
  • All contestants shall be required to ganer an endorsement of not less than 100 fully paid up union members
  • Endorsement shall be spread to atleast 5 schools, 2/3 of departments.
  • One can not endorse same candidatefor the same post
  • A member contesting for a post in Parliament as a Accomodation Representative shall be a resident of the Hall that they are contesting;
  • A member contesting for a post as a Sports Secretary and Social Functions must be a Sports person
  • A member of the Union who has not completed ONE academic year in the Kenya Polytechnic University College is allowed to seek other elective posts save for the posts of:

          i.    Chairman
          ii.    Secretary General
          iii.    Treasurer
          iv.    Academic Secretary
          v.    Legal Affairs Secretary


  • The following shall be elected universally by SUKPUC:

i.    Chairman
ii.    Vice-Chairman
iii.    Secretary General
iv.    Treasurer
v.    Academic Secretary
vi.    Legal Affairs Secretary
vii.    Gender Affairs Secretary
viii.    Physically Challenged Representative
ix.     Sports Secretary
x.     Social Affairs Secretary

  • The following shall be elected by Parliament:

i.    Assistant Treasurer
ii.    Assistant Secretary General
iii.    Editor -in - Chief
iv.    Assistant Academic Secretary
v.    Assistant Sports Secretary
vi.    Assistant Social Functions Secretary
vii.    Nominated Member [Male]
viii.    Nominated Member [Female]

  • The following shall be elected by respective Halls of Residence:

i.    Accomodation Secretary – Men’s Hostel
ii.    Accomodation Secretary – Ladies Hostel


  • The Parliament shall be composed of:

i.    Speaker
ii.    Deputy Speaker
iii.    Sergeant-at-Arms
iv.    Clerk


  • Nomination papers shall be picked two weeks prior to the election date from the Electoral Body.
  • Nominations for elective posts shall be signed by the candidate, candidate' s proposer and one hundred (100) seconders.
  • Candidates shall submit duly signed nomination papers to Electoral Body one week prior to the election date on the day of nomination between 8 a.m and 5 p.m.
  • Electoral Body shall announce the successfully nominated candidates within two (2) days and cause to be prominently published immediately.
  • Official campaigns shall begin immediately after nomination approval.
  • Any regulations governing the conduct of campaigns by candidates and their supporters shall be published by the Electoral Body at the time that they give notice of the election. Once published, any such regulations may not be amended during the same election.
  • The Electoral Body shall be the sole interpreter of any such regulations, subject to the complaints procedures outlined in the Constitution.
  • The Electoral Body shall determine and publish Campaign  Rules. The rules shall be availed to and be signed by validly nominated candidates.
  • A candidate validly nominated may withdraw their candidature by a written notice of the withdrawal signed by them and attested by three witnesses, one of whom shall be persons mentioned under sections 3 and 4, and delivered to the Electoral Body one day before the nomination date.


  • All SUKPUC  elections shall be by secret ballot on the principle of one member one vote;
  • Whenever there is a tie in any SUKPUC elections such elections shall be held afresh  as will be determined by the electoral body
  • The ballot boxes shall be of afixed number, counted, certified and recorded.
  • After voting in the respective polling stations, the votes shall be counted at the same polling stations.
  • The counting shall be presided over by the Presiding Officer in the presence of all candidates for their agents.
  • The tallying shall be presided over by the Supervisor of Elections in the presence of all candidates and their agents.
  • Tallying shall be done at the tallying centres and The Supervisor of Elections shall announce the result of the elections.