Types of membership include:

  • Honorary Fellow-A nominated member with outstanding contribution to IET.
  • Fellow Member-Msc/PhD
  • Full Member-B.Tech/B.Phil/HND/H.Dip.
  • Corporate Member-Company/Org.v. Retired Member- Former Member above 65 yrs
  • Associate Member-Other related qualifica-tions
  • Graduate member-New graduate with no ex-perience.
  • Certified Engineering Technician-Diploma holder.
  • Dully Qualified Craft people/Artisan-Certifi-cate holder.
  • Student Member-Student in a recognized En-gineering discipline in an accredited Institu-tion.

A register of the names and addresses of all members is available at the National Secretariat to members for inspection during normal working hours.

Membership Acronyms

Dully registered members are free to use the following acronyms after their official names in the register:

  1. Honorary Fellows- Hon FIET
  2. Fellow Members- FIETi
  3. Full Member- MIET
  4. Corporate Members-COMIET
  5. Retired Members- RIET
  6. Associates- AIET
  7. Graduates- GIET
  8. Certified Engineering Technician- CET
  9. Dully Qualified Craft people/Artisan- DQC/ DQA
  10. Student Member- SIET