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School of Information and Communication Technologies

PROF.-Patrick-J.-OgaoThe School of Information and Communication Technologies is one of Kenya´s premier institutions for Computer Science Education and Research. Over the years, the school has consistently churned out high calibre technicians and technologists to both private and public sectors of Kenya´s economy. The school prides itself in programs that prepare students to be industry leaders who can apply information and communication technology across a wide variety of fields.

The School recognizes the role that technology plays in the socio-economic development of the country, and has thus established not only a national vision, but a global one as well. This is being realized through the linkages with current as well as former students, and the larger technology market. In a rapidly changing sector such as ICT, maintaining a good relationship with our stake holders has ensured we are able to meet diverse needs at corporate and individual levels. Our graduates have been absorbed in sectors such as manufacturing and production, training, research and service industries.

The feedback from the industry reflects a need to maintain these linkages and continuously respond to the needs of the market in a manner that ensures priority areas such as information and communication technologies are not overlooked. As a result, courses are deliberately designed to provide an opportunity for trainees to develop a career in Computer Hardware and Software technologies. The Industry has deliberately been involved in the development of the curriculum relevant and acceptable to Industry.

The School is responsible for teaching, training, carrying out research in software and hardware technologies, data communications and computer graphics. The school is equally responsible for the development of curricula for all the computer related courses in the university college with emphasis on practical hands on based training.


Departments in School of Information and Communication Technologies